Graduation 2021

Dear LRHS Graduates of 2021 and Families:

Graduating from high school is a significant milestone for our students, their families and supporters, as well as
our staff.

Our Grade 12 students have persevered through a very different experience than graduating classes before them.
We certainly did not imagine when we began the year in September that we would be transitioning to at-home
learning and then returning to school towards the end of June. Although this is how things have unfolded, it in no
way diminishes the importance of the accomplishments of our graduates to this point in their lives. In fact,
finishing the term remotely and adapting to the changes and challenges that you have faced in your academic, and
perhaps personal lives, due to COVID-19, shows the incredible determination, strength and resiliency of our LRHS
graduates of 2021.

Our graduates deserve to be recognized, not only for the work they have done during the virtual learning period,
but for their years of study and many achievements they have accomplished which has led to their high school
graduation. As a school staff, graduation has always been a highlight of our school year and we certainly
recognize the importance of acknowledging this significant accomplishment along with the many achievements
of our graduates over the years in a meaningful way.

Although we are unable to celebrate with our graduates together in groups or have the usual activities and events
in our school this year, we will be recognizing our graduates differently in ways that respect public health
guidelines and physical distancing. In order to adhere to public health measures, there can be no group
celebrations. Rather, our graduation recognition event will need to be celebrated individually according to public
health guidelines. I want you to know that our school will be recognizing the efforts of our graduating students in a
way that respects public health protocols starting on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

Starting Tuesday, June 22, individual graduation ceremonies will occur by appointment only. Currently
appointments run from 9:00am-2:00pm over multiple days. These appointments will be 10 minutes in
length and can be selected electronically by completing a google form (available June 9th) or by contacting
Mr. Symes by email (
Link to book your appointment on-line:

Gowns:All grad gowns, hats will be distributed this Friday (June 11th) to grade 12s during selected appointments
during their final week of classes. Gowns and caps will go home with the students and they will return to the
graduation ceremony wearing their gowns, sashes and hats. Grad Tassels will be provided at the ceremony.

Grad Ceremony:
Family members and grads will be instructed where to park (staggered marked spots to remain compliant) and
head toward the front door of LRHS. If the grad family is alone, or early for their appointment, they can take
pictures at the gazebo or front of the school which will be supervised by the Vice Principal, Todd Symes.
Once everything is ready inside, LRHS Principal, Souhail Soujah, will bring the graduate and their designated
individuals (FOUR maximum) into the school through the front outside gym entrance. Hand sanitizer will be
available for anyone that wishes to use it upon entry.

Once the graduate enters the gym, they will proceed up the stage, which is fully decorated as usual, and their
diploma will be waiting for them displayed on a table. Students will also receive their final transcripts and any
awards or bursary information. Family members will be led to a designated area for any photos. The school has
also hired a professional photographer, who will take their own photos for purposes of compiling digital media that
will be shared with all grads. All graduates will receive a copy of their professional grad photo.

Once the diploma and grad folder are received, the graduate will exit the gym through the side doors which will
take them directly outside of the building. Once outside, they will see the yard signs which have been purchased by
the school of each graduate, which will be displayed around the exit point. Mr. Symes will instruct the family to use
the rainbow crosswalk to return to their car, ensuring social distancing for the potentially waiting grads and family
on the gazebo side of the entrance walkway.

Once the gym area is cleared, Mr. Soujah will sanitize his hands and retrieve the next graduate’s items for
distribution. Once everything is ready, the next group (graduate and four members of their family) will enter for
their session. This process will be repeated for all of the graduates. Reminder: appointments must be selected by
completing the on-line form which will be emailed Tuesday, June 9th, or by emailing Mr. Symes.

After the Graduation Appointments:
Each individual student’s grad photos will be combined with numerous videos and pre-recorded messages to our
grads, compiled into a USB flash drive, of which each family will be mailed one copy. The compiled video will also
be posted on-line for viewing for those that have access. As an extra bonus this year, all graduates will receive a
FREE graduation hoodie designed by their classmates. You will be notified when these hoodies are ready for pick
up. Many of our students have ordered yearbooks as well and we will ensure all items are together before we
contact someone to retrieve them from the school.

Thank you all for your continued support, patience and understanding in what has truly been an
unforgettable year.



LRHS Administrative Team


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