Queens Country Track Project

First, a bit of background on what has already happened over the last four years with the project:

Students, staff and community members realized that the outdoor space had so much to offer at LRHS.  Many students were envious of other school's campuses.  Some dedicated community members and LRHS students/staff asked themselves: "Why can't we have these things here?"  They quickly realized, they can have them here!  Some meetings were held, some grants were written, some sketches were drawn and committees were formed.  LRHS was given a large grant ($50,000) to design, plan and come up with a vision of what we wanted for our community outside at LRHS.  This helped to get the conversations going.  Architecture49 was hired to design the many drawings and plans needed to bring everything to light.  They also came to the school to talk to our students to make sure their ideas were included in the project. 

So, what is the vision?

The vision is to make the campus a focal point for the community, a gathering spot where families and community members can meet, stay fit, have fun, learn together, go for walks, host events, cheer each other on, and BE A COMMUNITY!  Here's what the vision looks like.

8 Lane Full (400 m) Running Track - The track will go around the soccer field and allow people to train, host track meets and increase physical activity.  Track will be compacted soil/stone.  Included in the design are new multi-directional jumping pits and throwing areas. - Queens County does not have its own track! In fact, the nearest track facility at which Queens County residents can train, is in Bridgewater, Lunenburg County, over 50 kms away! This makes training difficult, impractical and puts all of our students at an unfair disadvantage. Queens County students work hard, and are willing to put in the hours it takes to improve but not having the environment they need to safely train is heartbreaking! Our neighbouring school, South Queens Middle School also does not have a track, so their students walk up to our school and use our paved bus loop and parking area to train in! This means for grades 6-12, these dedicated track and field athletes will never have a proper area / facility to train and compete in.  We need to show Queens County students that WE CARE!  We need to work together to gather funds and build a track at LRHS, where ALL Queens County schools and community members can train! A track in Queens County for these students is long overdue!

Queens County will be able to host school track events! It will also allow our families and students to cheer on our athletes and host community events like Terry Fox Run, Relay for Life, 55+ Games, Special Olympics, and Run-Jump-Throw events.

Basketball and Beach Volleyball Courts - Full court basketball and a couple of beach volleyball courts will be constructed and be open to the public for use, free of charge.

Community Use Raised-Bed Gardens - Areas will be repurposed and expanded to allow community members to grow and harvest foods, and the school can grow food items to use in food programs. Fruit Trees will be planted to be harvested by the School / Daycare

First Nations Learning Forest - Visitors will be able to walk on an interactive trail, with several stopping points where there will be interactive displays to learn about Mi'kmaq culture and teachings.  Note:  Mr. Ambrocichuk's Mi'kmaq Studies 11 class at LRHS is currently designing the interactive pieces of this walking trail.

In addition, improvements are planned for the existing soccer field to upgrade drainage and seating options will be added for track and soccer events. A ground hockey and pick- up basketball will be built by the back of the school adjacent to the gymnasium.

How much is needed for this project?

$330,000 is needed for this outdoor project.  Many grant applications have been submitted.  Currently, $65,600 has been raised towards the project with the goal to break ground set for September, 2021!

If you would like to donate towards this project, you may use our link on this LRHS website's homepage (on the left) or go to Queens County Track Project on Go Fund Me https://gofund.me/e1ee820c.  You can also donate by mail by sending a cheque to Queens Track Society c/o Liverpool Regional High School P.O. Box 1266, Liverpool, NS   B0T 1K0       If you are able to support this project, please do - every dollar helps!

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