New Administration at Liverpool Regional High School

As you are probably aware, there have been some changes in Administration recently here at Liverpool Regional High School. 

It has been announced today that beginning August 1st, 2020, Liverpool Regional High School will have a new Principal, Souhail Soujah.  Souhail is currently Principal at Porter Creek Secondary School (grades 8-12, approximately 450 students) in the Yukon. He comes with experience as a vice-principal and principal for over 20 years in Western Canada. He has also worked as acting superintendent in Area 3 (also in the Yukon). He has Bachelor degrees in Science and in Education, as well as a Masters in Educational Technology, and is in the final stages of completing a Doctorate in Educational Administration. Souhail worked in/with urban and rural schools, including schools with significant indigenous populations. He will bring to LRHS a strong work ethic with a relational approach, and a student-centered mindset.  Mr. Souhail is excited to be part of LRHS and the Queens County community.

For the balance of the school year 2019-20, Todd Symes will be Acting Principal.  The job of Vice-Principal for the remainder of this school year is currently being posted for applicants.


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